Trouble, First Mate

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Trouble, First Mate

Post by Trouble1st on Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:45 am

Trouble, that was his name. How he got the name was more interesting. Trouble as he was now called grew up in a port town, lots of kids, most of whom had fathers as sailors, and in some cases pirates. Some would be abandoned, some would learn on the streets. Trouble was from an early age a large lion. Strong, somewhat quiet, but seemed to like adventure, excitement, danger, and well trouble.

He didn't bully other kids, however he took pleasure in bullying the bullies. If they thought it was fair to take from others, he took from them. Usually to offer it back to the person he stole it back from, usually for a favor. The favors usually consisted of food, or company.

By the time he was fourteen, he was as large as some of the other adults, and was welcomed on ships for his strength. He soaked it all in and seemed to be a natural sailor. He didn't say much, besides laughing, and like before, if someone bullied someone on ship, he'd start a fight, or bully them back. Trouble, that's what they called him.

He liked sailing the seas, searching out danger. He was well liked by his friends, hated by his enemies (who usually kept quiet), and would usually be the one people came to, when they wanted to deal with trouble, or start some.

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