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Mark Tigerpaw

Post by MarkTigerpaw on Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:43 pm

Character Sheet
Name:  Mark Tigerpaw
Alias’: The Black Paw (he has a black paw)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger
Birthdate: (07/09/YY)
Time of birth: 5pm
Country of Origin: England
Birthplace: River, Kent in Dover
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Dockworker/Bowman
Language(s): English
Native tongue: English
Religion: Wicca, the Old Ways
cultural Background:
Political affiliation:
Education: very little
IQ: Middle
Weapons/Offensive equipment: A knife.
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: A pot lid he stole from the kitchen.
Money/Amount of: depends on the score from pirating, very little saved up.
-Funds (On person): depends on his take, he tends to spend it as soon as he gets it.
-Funds (In bank): little to none (secretly he is giving it to his brother's care {more about that later in in this sheet})
Recent pictures: (not at this time)
Blood type: B
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: (color and length) reddish brown
Skin: (Color/complexion) Tiger strips
Shoe size: six 8s
Figure/build: lanky and long limed.
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): none
-Scars: none
-Piercings: a gold round piece on his left ear.
-Clothing style:  (to be filled in later)
Currently lives:
Living Arrangements: lives on a ship
Description of daily surroundings: wooden floorboards, surrounded by water,
Hobbies: Wood carving
Strengths: his smarts. He is good at problem solving.
Weaknesses: food.
Love interest(s):
Sexual Orientation: straight.
Dominant Hand:Right
Virgin?: no
Drinker?: yes
Drug user?: no
Other addictions?:
Pet peeves: a little bit of a neat freak.
Basic description:  A long legged man with a huge heart and level head
Personality:  Sees the glass half full. Quite and collective.
Disposition: Mild. Level headed.
Likes: sun sets
Dislikes: (to be filled in later)
Motivations: to see his kid brother though school
Morals: live and let live
Fears/Phobias: being caught off guard
Favourite quote: (to be filled in a later date)
Favourite food: chicken leg
Favourite drink: Ale
Favourite color: Blue
Favourite song: (to be filled in a later date)
Favourite movie: none
Favourite sport: none
Favourite book: none
Other favourites: none
Family: (to be filled in a later date)
-Parents: dead
-Siblings: one younger brother, whom wanted to be a pirate too but he secretly sends funds for him to go to school. He gives from his pirate earnings. Though he does this with out others knowing.
-Other close relatives: none
Friends: (to be filled in later)
Partner: none
Offspring: none
Enemies: A crab, bar tender whom wants him to pay his tab
Pet(s): none
Special Body Augmentations: none
Official/Personal Training: working on the docks to take care of his younger brother has toned his body.
Important Additional Notes: He is kind heart and a good fellow at heart.
Early Childhood: Lost his parents at an early age from an accident. He had to raise his kid brother by taking up odd jobs till he took on pirating.
Adolescence: Did odd jobs and pirating. Sending his earnings back to his kid brother.
Adulthood:Joined the pirate crew. He worked as a deck hand until he became bowman.


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