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Positions open 3/20/16

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Quarter Master - Most British and Anglo-American pirates delegated unusual amounts of authority to an individual called the Quartermaster, who became almost the Captain's equal. The general rule was that during times of battle the Captain retained unlimited authority, but at all other times he and the rest of the crew were subject to the command of the Quartermaster. The Quartermaster was usually elected by the crew immediately after choosing a Captain, and it was his duty to represent their interests. For this he received an extra share of the booty when it was divided. Above all, he protected the Seaman against each other by maintaining order, settling quarrels, and distributing food and other essentials. Serious crimes were tried by a jury of the crew, but the Quartermaster had the authority could punish minor offenses, and kept the records and account books for the ship. If the pirates were successful, he decided what plunder to take from a prize. If the pirates decided to keep a captured ship, the Quartermaster often took over as the Captain of that ship until they disposed of it.

Sailing Master - This officer was in charge of navigation and the sailing of the ship. He directed the course and looked after the maps and instruments necessary for navigation. Since the charts of the era were often inaccurate (or nonexistent) his job was a difficult one. Many Sailing Masters were forced into pirate service from captured vessels.

Carpenter & Surgeon - The Carpenter was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the wooden hull, masts and yards. He worked under the direction of the ship's Master and Boatswain. The Carpenter's duties were to check the hull regularly, placing oakum between the seems of the planks and wooden plugs on leaks to keep the vessel tight. More often than not, the Carpenter would also serve as the Ship's Surgeon and perform operations and amputations with the same wood working tools (with no anesthetic!).

A.B.S. - Able Bodied Sailor - The common sailor, which was the backbone of the ship, needed to know the rigging and the sails. As well as how to steer the ship and applying it to the purposes of navigation. He needed to know how to read the skies, weather, winds and most importantly the moods of his commanders.

Rigger - The sailors assigned aloft to work the running rigging and to furl/release the sails were referred to as Riggers. Although there were not any truly "safe" jobs, due to the constant risk of falling from a slippery spar high above a rolling deck this was certainly one of the most dangerous.

Powder Monkey - A role filled by young boys on ship in which they run gunpowder from below decks (such as the orlop) to the cannon crews during battle.

Swab or Swabbie - Although not technically a rank, a person who mopped the decks using the swab was called a swabbie. It has also become a slang phrase to describe someone informally whom you do not hold in any high regard, i.e., "Avast, ye scurvy swab!"

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